I want money: 5 tips on how to earn more

There is no recipe, mantra or magic ritual in this article to help you earn more. Only recommendations on how to steadily increase your income every six months or a year, working in a company or for yourself.

1. Change specialty / field of work / city

Yes, this is an obvious and at the same time resource-intensive way, but sometimes there is no way without cardinal changes, especially if you want to increase your income.

The fact is that in every profession there is a “glass ceiling” – the maximum salary that can be received in a particular position. And if the employee has reached it, then no matter how hard you try, breaking the “ceiling” will not work. You can find a new job on LinkedIn.

2. Don’t be sluggish: set goals and measure the results of your work

Do you want a raise or a raise, but at the same time you work without a goal and a plan and are waiting for your boss to notice your modest person? But that doesn’t happen. Working from 9:00 to 18:00 and shifting pieces of paper does not solve anything, even experience does not always solve. The one who works faster and gives more results will earn more.

3. Constantly evolve and learn

And not only in their field. Expand your horizons and personal competencies.
Life is unpredictable, it changes, so it is important to be flexible and learn the skills that are the future. But do not forget to improve and eternally relevant leadership, the ability to build communication.

4. Regularly monitor the salary bracket for your profession

It often happens that two specialists in the same positions receive different salaries, and not always the reason is experience or qualifications. Just one agreed to a lower amount, and the second knew that he could ask for more.

Analyze salary statistics both when you are looking for a job and when you want to ask for a salary increase. You can even directly say that your salary is below the market average. For some employers and clients, this is already quite a weighty argument. But only if it’s justified.

5. Away with modesty: learn how to present yourself

The same product or service may have different prices.
In an interview, when negotiating a raise, or when meeting with a client, be able to present your work and the value of the future result in such a way that you get paid more.

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