The best ways to make money with TikTok: examples

Making money with TikTok is what every third user is thinking about as they watch these simple short videos make other people millionaires. And it’s true – no investment, you do what you like, no hard work – who wouldn’t like that?

Can you do it? Of course you can.

Would it be easy? No.

Earn money by liking and commenting

This method applies to any social network. TikTok is no exception. There are always those who want to promote their account quickly.  Therefore, they use special services. These exchangers, which hire a legion of other people and give them tasks – to put likes, write comments, etc.. You can get the task on such exchanges and get paid for it.

Advertising other people’s accounts in TikTok

For this you already need your own account with live subscribers. If you develop a specific theme in your profile, such as recording video about bicycles, or delicious places in your city, and you have a live audience (not necessarily huge), you can start charging money for advertising other accounts. The idea is simple – record a video with a link to another profile. For example, a cafe that wants more visitors.

Maintaining other people’s accounts in TikTok for money

Professional promoted accounts are managed by entire teams of professionals, just like in other social networks. Among them, there are administrators whose job is to “lead” – to respond to comments, upload videos on time, in general – to perform administrative work.

Selling accounts in TikTok

Suitable for those who know how to promptly gain an audience. Not necessarily millions.  A few thousands of live users is enough. Although the more the better and the more expensive. There is not a great demand, but orders are periodically encountered. They are bought by bloggers and companies who do not want to start from scratch.

Selling videos to other TikTok users

Those who want popularity always outnumber those who can produce quality content. If you know how to come up with quality videos and create them, this is a good income.

Advertise your services in TikTok

Suitable for those who sell something – a product or a service, ranging from manicures to exclusive handicrafts. You can find buyers for your goods by actively developing a TikTok account.

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