Top ways to make money online with recommendations

1 Dropshipping

The essence of it is selling someone else’s goods. However, from the classic purchasing at one price and selling at another. This method is different in that you do not need to purchase goods at all. You sell it, and the transaction is sent directly to the supplier, who in turn, himself sends the goods to the buyer. That is, you act as an official intermediary. There are quite a lot of companies willing to work on this system. Especially among suppliers of clothing and footwear. Under each category of goods you can create a separate site, or group, attracting thematically audience.


Requires investment in the creation and promotion of shops with other people’s goods, so pre-estimate their capabilities.

2 Online tutoring

Ever since distance learning came into vogue, home tutoring, or vice versa, has slowly been relegated to the back burner. After all, lessons via Skype, Zoom and other programmes are much more convenient and take less time to travel. You don’t have to have a pedagogical background. But it is very important to be able to build a programme of study to achieve specific results for your students. If you have knowledge of certain subjects, you can try your hand at this. Good tutors can earn very decent money.


Even if you are confident in your knowledge of the school curriculum, it is better to test yourself beforehand. It is also important to be able to communicate and convey the material freely to the children.

3 Listening to music for money

There are services that are willing to pay money to those who will “scrutinize” playlists and songs. Why? Because there are musicians who are willing to pay money for someone to listen to their songs. It sounds sad, but for aspiring musicians, it’s sometimes one of the few ways to spread their creativity. Are you a music lover and don’t mind making money from it? Take your time, you can, of course, use those services, but be warned that you won’t get a lot of money there. At most, you’ll have enough money to pay your mobile phone bill. And even then, now there are problems with withdrawal.


Exclusively as a hobby for those who like to listen to music.

4 photohosting.

Not to be confused with photobanks, where you sell your photos. In this case, you will be paid for attracting an audience. If you have a large audience in a social network, or on your own resource, instead of banner advertising, you can post photos with links to photohosting, where they are located. You will be paid money for the conversions. Not in large quantities, but as a passive income can also be considered. For the hostings themselves, it’s a kind of traffic boost.


As a separate area of income is unlikely to approach.

5 Implementation of school homework for students

School knowledge can be applied to earn money. If you think that these days, every schoolboy responsibly does his homework every day, you’re wrong.


You can use it as a hobby that brings in small but money.

6 Selling links on your website

Links are bought not only by those who want to promote a particular product, but also by SEO-optimizers. The fact is that the search engines display at the top of search queries, including those resources to which other resources are linked. If the web page is visited, the link may also be of interest to other companies.


This is recommended for owners of information sites with a lot of content.

7 Online Handmade Goods Trade

Making handmade goods for sale online is a great way to make a small income and grow incrementally if you have enough time. Channels for distance selling are now many. Areas of handmade, in which you can develop even more – from the creation of wooden or clay crockery to dolls, themed figurines, decor and more. But most importantly, it’s all affordable to learn if you don’t have manufacturing skills.


This type of income is great as an additional income and allows you to develop while investing time and money.

8 Own Project

For the online space, this means creating a resource that is of interest to a large number of people. It can be a purely informational portal, an entertainment group, a social project, an online shop, anything that will attract active users and allow you to earn money on it. So, for example, make money on selling promotional posts on social networks with thousands of subscribers, groups with exclusive products, news city portals, personal pages of people providing information services from consulting to psychological help, thematic directories and aggregators. What they all have in common is that to achieve an acceptable result, they require investment in the creation of a convenient service, interesting content and promotion.

Where it is possible to earn?

Social networking, Internet (website creation)


It is worth to use this way, if you have a concrete idea and the initial capital for its implementation

Variant 9 – Invest in somebody else’s project

Unlike the previous method, here you pick up someone else’s idea, which requires funding and act as an investor on certain conditions. For example, for 30% of further profits. It is worth noting that it is easy to be an investor, but it is difficult to make money from it. Because you need to understand ideas, demand, people and the market. Otherwise, you will just give your money away and lose it, because nothing will come out of a project that is beautifully written on paper.


You need a lot of knowledge and education to be able to make money from it.

10 Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are offered by a huge variety of firms – from banks and online retailers to brand name clothing manufacturers, electronics manufacturers and securities trading training companies. Ideal for those who have their own audience – owners of publishers, large websites, shops, theme groups. For example, you can earn money on commissions for purchases made by your users through the affiliate program. Affiliate programmes from different companies can be searched specifically, knowing with whom you want to cooperate, as well as on aggregator sites, where commercial offers are collected.


Do not take everything in a row, assess the topics and interests of your users, otherwise you may cause the negative audience to lose subscribers.

11 Social media account

Any hobby, even if it’s just a passion for good home cooking, can be monetized by making the process interesting for its users. This is proven by the well-known social networking sites where people are used to posting their photos. If a person takes high-quality, beautiful and varied photos, as well as providing users with interesting descriptions and constant communication, the number of subscribers will grow. As a result, we can see developed accounts of not only world stars, but also quite ordinary people travelling, breeding pets, telling about their ordinary life.


Before you invest money in promoting your account, get feedback on it from ordinary users and use all the free features. This will allow you to assess the potential and focus on what you need to improve to get results.

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