About us

The partners behind the project have for many years been seeking knowledge about how organizations, youth services and research work together and develop services for young people. Some of the partner countries have broad experience in bottom-up processes where young people play an important role in decision making within youth clubs and projects. Others are more guided by teaching, learning and research in the field of youth and community work. Regardless of the basis, the partners have different points of view and national reality context and it is envisaged that not only will all partner learn from each other, but also encourage the wider debate and discussion about the value of youth work .

The partners behinds this cooperation are:

Ungdom og Fritid/ The Norwegian National youth club organization (NGO), Norway (Project management)

Newman University, UK

Institute for Policy research and Analysis, Lithuania

Stockholms Universitet/University of Stockholm, Sweden

Haskoli Islands/University of Iceland, Iceland

Professional Open Youth Work in Europe (POYWE) (NGO) European umbrella organization, located in Austria

The editorial board

Arni Gudmundsson is educated as leisure-time pedagogue from Fritidledarskolan in Gothenburg in Sweden, Dipl. Ed and Master Degree M.Ed in pedagogy from the University of Iceland with a focus on youth clubs and their history. He is also a doctoral student; his project focuses on the professionalism and theoretical foundation of the work in Youth clubs

Arni has worked as an employee in Youth Clubs, he was the director in one of the largest Youth Club in Reykjavik, Ársel Youth Club and Arni was CEO of Youth Council in Hafnarfjordur Town for 20 years.

Arni was one of the founders and first chairman of SAMFES Federation of Youth Clubs in Iceland and he is a former president of UFN Federation of Nordic Youth Clubs

Arni works now as an expert, teacher and former program manager in the Department in leisure studies in the Faculty of Sport, Leisure Studies and Social Education in the University of Iceland. Arni also works in the Centre for Research in Childhood and Youth.

Marc Boes started his education as a social worker at the University of Professional Education in 1982.

During his studies he started to work as a youth worker in different community centres in under privileged areas of The Hague. In 1992 he started his path in youth information by working for JONG Rotterdam, handling with the youth information bus one of their mobile services for young people.

In 1994 he became the managing director and later on the CEO of the organisation, which he adapted to the growing needs of the city and changed into a general youth work organisation handling different forms of youth work. JONG Rotterdam nowadays offers street corner work, youth centres, mobile teams, a training for youth workers and youth information.

Since 1995 he has been a Board member of several Dutch Foundations working in the area of Welfare and Media. He is representing The Netherlands within ERYICA (European Youth Information and Counselling Agency) since 2001 and was the president of ERYICA from 2006 until 2013.

In November 2012 he was co founder of POYWE (Profesional Open Youth Work in Europe) and is since July 2013 the managing director.

When time permits, he sometimes publishes about Youth Work, most recent in the Council of Europe series “The history of youth work in Europe, Relevance for today’s youth work policy”.

Pauline Grace is Senior lecturer and MA Programme Leader of Youth and Community Work at Newman University. With over 26 years of face-to-face youth work experience in the UK. She facilitated in 2010 at first European Youth Work Convention, which resulted in the first European Declaration on Youth Work. In 2015 she was invited as an expert to give input to the 2nd European Convention.

Pauline is a founding and board member of the Professional Open Youth Work in Europe (POWYE), which is a pan-European group representing youth work at a European level. She sits on the In Defence of Youth Work (IDYW) national Steering group.

Pauline is currently registered for her PhD at Maynooth University ‘An Autoethnographic study into the dominant discourse emerging in Europe in relation to youth work’.Her current research interests include: Challenging the neo-liberal in everyday life, feminist perspectives in research, research methodology within youth work practice; how to build on reflective practice, European and international youth work and research


Cooper, P. Grace, G. Griffiths and K. Sapin (2012) Re-balancing supervision in J. Ord. (ed.) Critical Issues in Youth Work Management, London: Routledge

P.Grace (2014) Open youth work research: are we critically engaging? Switzerland: InfoAnimation. Umbrella organization open children’s and youth work DOJ Switzerland

Marius Ulozas is a director of Institute for Policy Research and Analysis, active in youth policy and youth work development, policy analysis. Expert in democracy, participation issues, education adviser to Council of Europe, European Commission, one of founding experts of Structured dialogue (participation in the decision-making).

Working as researcher, policy analyst and freelance trainer. Active in the advocacy field and political analyst in Lithuania. Marius has extensive experience working with Public Relations and Media. Recent years has been working a lot in Eastern Partnership countries supporting youth policy and youth work development, building capacity of ministries and youth NGOs.

For active international youth work he was awarded the “Youth ambassador 2005” and 2011 title in Lithuania. Marius contributes in preparing methodological materials for international youth work, writes articles.

Lars Lagergren (born 1957), professor and senior lecture in Leisure Studies at Dept. for Sports sciences, Malmoe University, Sweden. Long experience of research and development projects concerning policies on and organization of open youth work, education and sports. Research interests are the organization of youth work from critical management and learning perspectives.

Heidi Anderssen-Dukes works with public and international relations in Ungdom og Fritid. She is responsible for strategic communication, public and international relations and political lobbying for the organization. She has a broad network of youth workers, researchers and university staff, NGO’s, politicians and civil servants in Norway. Anderssen- Dukes has 10 year of experience within youth work. First as a manager of a youth center, furthermore as an adviser for the Chief Administrative Officer in the Municipality of Baerum, and finally in Ungdom og Fritid. She is MA in Civic planning and cultural understanding, and has further education in human rights, communication and public relation.

Nerijus Miginis, 1985, works as a trainer from 2004 in the fields of youth work, non-formal education, youth policy and development of interpersonal competencies. Nerijus has a background of youth work (2004-2008). From 2011 Nerijus started to work as a researcher and analyst. Educational background: Bachelors degree in business management and administration (2004-2008), Masters in Education sciences, Education policy (2010-2012). Advanced training of trainers (TALE) organizes by EC, CoE, SALTO, YiA NA network and YFJ (2009-2010). Fields of expertise: non-formal education, youth work, youth policy, Project management, cross-sectorial cooperation, intercultural learning, open youth work, youth age psychology, strategic management, conflict resolution, soft-skills.